kybun products are suitable for numerous medical complaints and problems and can be used to supplement conventional treatment, provide relief in everyday life or as a preventive measure to avoid muscular weaknesses and joint complaints.

The staff at T. Abeles & Son can provide information to help you understand specific health conditions and the optimum therapeutic integration of kybun products for pain relief and faster convalescence.

For example: Heel spur and chronic plantar fasciitis are the most common consequences of permanent overloading of the feet soles in the developed world. Hard floors and inflexible, supporting shoes, mean a large portion of the load while walking and standing has to be borne by the heel.
This often leads to long-term pain and complaints in the area of the heel. The solutions offered by medicine and the footwear industry are either extremely expensive or tend to aggravate the problem in the long run because they only address the symptoms and not the causes.

The kybun principle of operation – being proactive!

When the plantar tendon is inflamed with/without a tear in the aponeurosis or heel spur, it is important to be gentle with the affected point so that it can heal. In the kybun shoe, the foot is able to achieve a natural rollover on the soft, elastic sole. This results in gentle mobilization and stretching of the plantar tendon. 

This is important for the healing process because good circulation of the plantar tendon is achieved by rollover. Circulation, in turn, removes inflammatory substances from the tissue and promotes healing by providing a good supply of oxygen. The cause of the plantar tendon problem is thereby treated. 

Furthermore, when the kybun shoe or the kybun mat is used, the weight of the foot is distributed over the entire sole of the foot, which reduces point pressure and relieves the heel.
Only plantar tendon therapy with stretching and mobilization provides relief for the painful point (heel spur at the tendon insertion), alleviating the inflammation.


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